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Prima Vinyl

Window Series

Prima Vinyl Series is one of the most comprehensive UPVC window systems on the market. Window and door styles offered in this series are: casement, awning, picture, hung, slider, linear shapes, curved shapes, hopper, bays and bows, and patio doors.

  • Extended variety of window grills
  • PVC and wood jamb combined with PVC and wood trims for any look and construction solution
  • Large selection of standard colors or custom colors

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    Single Tilt

    As with single hung, single tilt slider windows include one stationary and one operable window sash. This window moves side to side and tilts inward for easy cleaning.

    Single Lift Out

    Single tilt slider lift out windows include one stationary and one operable window sash. This window moves side to side and the sashes lift out for easy cleaning.

    Double Tilt

    A double tilt slider has two operable sashes that move horizontally. One or both can be opened simultaneously for better ventilation. Both can tilt in for easy cleaning.

    Double Lift Out

    Double tilt slider lift out windows include two operable window sash. This window moves side to side and the sashes lift out for easy cleaning.

    End Vent

    The end vent slider features two venting sashes with a low fixed centre sash. When a window opening is wider than 74 inches and a sliding option is desired, the end vent slider is the most effective option available.

    New age efficiency & Hardware

    Exterior Drainage Flaps

    This is a unique feature of Stage Windows for a better water drainage while reducing air and insect infiltration. Flaps only open when water is required to drain.

    Night Latches

    Stops the window from opening fully, a convenient and safe way to keep the room ventilated at night.

    Optional Selflocking Lock

    As an alternative to the cam lock system Stage WIndows offer a self closing lock which automatically locks the sliding sashes when brought into close position.

    Superior Structural Design

    The thicker walls, extra chambers and contour shapes allow to reach those level of rigidity required for large units and  durability.

    Heavy-Duty Cam Lock

    Like all the hardware installed on Stage windows the cam lock is an heavy duty component to withstand the weight and pressure of large windows and time.

    Spring Screeen

    Spring screen is an effective solution for a durable and elegant application on single hung and single slider windows. 

    Exterior Finishes

    One of the largest selection of external wrapping with 10+ brickmould sizes.

    Hardware Finishes

    Selected high-end and premium finish hardware available in 6 different colours.

    Interior & Exterior Grills

    Large variety of internal and external SDL grill design options to match any decor.

    Interior Finishes

    17 PVC jamb extension sizes and casings are available to accommodate any installation requirement.

    Privacy Glass

    Our glass is available in a multitude of designs and each can be tinted to complement the interior.


    Selection of interior and exterior stock colours and exterior standard colours painted to order.

    Covered by Stage Windows Warranty

    Lifetime warranty on white vinyl frame and vinyl sash members

    20-year limited warranty on insulating glass

    15-year limited warranty on hardware

    15-year limited warranty on painted windows

    Fully transferable warranty at no charge